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Kingdom Lifestyle Mission - klmission.com

Welcome to Kingdom Lifestyle Mission (KLM)

Welcome to Kingdom Lifestyle Mission (KLM)! KLM is an international charity currently in operation in Ghana, Ethiopia, Bulgaria and South Sudan.

Our slogan is “Inspiring a New Generation and Transforming Our Society”.

Kingdom Lifestyle Mission, provides FREE supplementary education for underprivileged children. KLM runs free weekly Saturday schools and vacation classes during school holidays. Our goal is to help children in deprived communities by providing them with extra lessons in order to bridge the gap between them and their more affluent or privileged counterparts.

The CEO of KLM is Pastor Alex of Highway of Holiness church, a U.K registered charity that also runs a homeless shelter, The Highway House. The Highway House was recently featured in The Guardian, to read please click on the link below:

The London church giving a home to people even charities won’t help 

By Amelia Hill

Kingdom Lifestyle Mission Launch in Bulgaria May 2015

IMG_5740 (1)

Pastor Alex and wife with some of the students at launch

charity1 charity2

Testimony of a KLM student Charity Dogbe in Ghana (pictured above)

Charity was a 22 year old school dropout and a mother of two children. She expressed her gratitude to KLM for rekindling her desire to retrace her steps to the classroom. Charity is a mother of two children and dropped out of school in 2011 when she was in Junior High school. When KLM started a Saturday school in Elmina, Bantuma, Ghana in 2014 she attended every week and was very determined sometimes bringing one of her children along. Charity has been given a scholarship by KLM to return to full time education and complete her high school education.

Testimony of a KLM student Santino Deng in South Sudan


I am grateful for the sacrifice KLM  volunteers have made for us. I would like to thank the founder of the KLM for choosing our school. I personally appreciate their work of supporting us alongside our teachers and their impact is great and much appreciated. I am a former pupil of this school and a direct beneficiary of KLM project though they started with us toward the end of last year, their efforts have made great changes in my personal study life and have contributed to my passing in last year’s national exams. I passed very well and now I am a student of Juba commercial secondary school. I thank KLM volunteers for their work and sacrifice for me; they are like burning candle trying the make the future of others bright at the expense of their own leisure time. Thank you God bless you. Iam looking forward to doing the same when I finish my secondary school studies.

Student at Juba commercial secondary school and former pupil at John Garange Bilpham primary school.